A brave Australian fighter has won the praise of Ultimate Fighting Championship boss Dana White.

On Wednesday, Dana White was full of praise for a defeated Australian fighter. Vinicius Salvador successfully knocked out Shannon Ross. Despite a disastrous first round, the 33-year-old mechanic fought valiantly. As Ross battled on in the grueling competition, White gave him a standing ovation. Published: 06:15 EDT on August 3, 2022 | Updated: 06:15 EDT on August 3, 2022

Shannon Ross, an Australian mechanic, may have been knocked out, but the aspiring mixed martial artist won Dana White’s admiration.

Ross entered his fight against Vinicius Salvador as the favorite, owing to the Gold Coast fighter’s superior experience over his Brazilian opponent.

However, the 33-year-old was in for a rude awakening when he was knocked down twice in the first round of Dana White’s Contender Series. UFC president Dana White lauded Australian mechanic Shannon Ross. But, rather than giving up, Ross fought on valiantly, surprising the commentators as he was badly hurt after the first knockdown. After the first round, commentator Laura Sanko said, ‘Vinicius Salvador coming in with this flying kick, right to the liver, I am amazed Shannon Ross is still standing after that.’ ‘And then the hooks to follow it up.’ It’s incredible for him (Ross) to be able to wrestle back up and continue in this fight.’ Then Salvador connects with another perfectly placed right hook, but man, Ross is tough!’ The 33-year-old fought bravely until he was brutally knocked out on Wednesday. Ross, on the other hand, received high praise from White, who gave him a standing ovation on Wednesday. Ross found success with his precise attacks in the second round, until Salvador hit his target for a devastating third time, felling Ross before the referee jumped in to stop the contest. But Ross’ valiant effort earned the admiration of UFC president Dana White, who gave the mechanic a standing ovation during the fight. He then entered the octagon to express his congratulations to both fighters. ‘We don’t see Dana walking into the Octagon to congratulate the fighters very often,’ said commentator Dan Hellie. Ross has made significant sacrifices to get to this point, including spending $20,000 on a fight in Abu Dhabi. ‘We were fine with the costs of hotel quarantine. ‘We’d already decided we’d be fine wearing that for my career,’ Ross explained. ‘But then I found out that the only flight home for three months was going to cost me $15,000? Yes, that call began with ‘hey babe… aaah…’ I just cost us some money.’