Blake Perry’s nose is broken in a professional MMA fight

For all the wrong reasons, fighter Blake Perry has become the talk of the MMA world. Perry was left with a horribly disfigured broken nose after taking a brutal knee from his opponent Marcel McCain in his second professional MMA fight. On Sunday night, the horrific injury occurred during former UFC fighter Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat (July 31). McCain had captured Perry in the first round with a tight Thai clinch and didn’t waste the striking opportunity, unleashing a hellacious knee that caught Perry with heavy impact. Just by looking at the knee, you could tell a portion of Perry’s face had taken a brutal blow. As Perry approached, the full extent of his injury was on display, with his nose bent in a ‘S’ shape and blood dripping out the sides. That is one gnarly image. Despite having half his face hanging off, Perry showed true guts and finished the round, much to the surprise of everyone watching. The MMA fighter even wanted to continue the fight, but the referee had the foresight to call it off after just one look at the nose. If you ever need to explain the dangers of Mixed Martial Arts to someone, simply show them this image. The disfigurement shocked the fight world, with many praising Perry’s tough-guy nature for continuing in the fight. “Not a doctor, but that’s broken,” one Twitter user said. “Are… are noses supposed to curve like a S?” said another. Another remarked, “Owen Wilson is coming out of his trailer to shoot a movie.” “Man got his nose knocked into the multiverse of madness,” said another. Despite the injury, Perry was upbeat, taking to Instagram to thank his opponent and reveal that his next fight is scheduled for this weekend. However, I believe he should wait for that one to heal before returning to the Octagon. Angela Lee, a ONE Championship fighter, responded, “Damn Blake!! You’re such a tough guy.” “Tough as nails,” said Bellator competitor Ben Parrish. Blake suffered his first loss as a professional fighter when the fight was stopped by the referee, bringing his record to 1-1.